BRASS is the exclusive international art dealer for renowned Philippine Brass Sculptor Ronald Castrillo, based in Hong Kong. It aims to foster interest and position Philippine brass sculpting into broader world of art.  Currently, BRASS is into joining exhibitions, art shows and publications. It is also working on the dates of painting workshops and educational projects.

BRASS’ inception came about after Junvie and Monna, who are based in Hong Kong and married for 18 years, embarked on a two weeks road trip around Philippines. When they visited their cousin Ronald’s studio, he gifted the couple a beautiful Fish Harvest sculpture with balloon! From then on, Junvie and Monna couldn’t contain their thoughts – Ronald’s beautiful masterpieces must go out and be seen around the world! For the couple, who traveled to more than 35 countries over the years for their love for cultures, food, arts and architectures, it’s been long overdue for Ronald to get some respectable international exposure. 

In a bigger perspective, BRASS’ goal is to  become an Ambassador to the Emerging Artists around the globe.  Hence,  aside from representing Castrillo’s inspiring monuments, centerpieces, and one-of-a-kind sculptures abroad, BRASS also helps the talented and aspiring artists by giving them prominence to the global market and bridging them to platforms that can recognize their potential.

At the moment, BRASS serves as a creative virtual ground for information dissemination of its artists’ sculptures and visual arts to the public and targeted audiences.  

If you are interested in any artworks about its price and its status or information about artwork customization – you can send us an e-mail at info@7brassarts.com and visit us at www.7brassarts.com

Sculptures and other artworks can also be viewed by appointment.

Fish Harvest

BRASS是菲律賓黃銅雕塑家Ronald Castrillo獨家的國際藝術經銷商。現時,BRASS致力參與不同的藝術展覽、教育項目以及和不同的繪畫工作坊合作。值此機會希望能讓更多人認識及接觸到菲律賓黃銅雕塑藝術。


現時BRASS為公眾及目標對象提供其代理藝術家之作品資訊。如欲了解更多或對仼何藝術品有仼何疑問,歡迎電郵於info@7brassarts.com 及瀏覽其網站www.7brassarts.com


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